Pre hire assessment

Actuarial Placement in association with the education division of Future Track Edutech Pvt. Limited provides unique assessment tools and methodologies to assess the skills and knowledge of an actuary. Our pre-employment tests are used by organizations to refine and improve their recruitment process, reduce recruitment costs and improve retention.


Why us?

1. Our tests are developed for professionals by professionals. Our tests are developed, validated and reviewed by professionals with experience in different roles, industry and sectors.

2. Every organization has its own job conditions and environment and we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to pre-employment screening will not deliver optimum results. Our screening tests can be customized to match your requirements, if necessary, to help you make recruitment decisions with diligence.

3. Our tests may be taken anytime, anywhere online.

Software Skills Test

A comprehensive and integrated assessment of applicant’s SAS and MS Excel skills in relationship to the requirement of a specific job.


General Aptitude Test

A complementary way to further assess the suitability of the applicant before interview. We quantify applicant's aptitude and logical reasoning prowess to make their competitive advantage obvious to the client.


Subject-Matter Assessment

A customizable assessment that measures the subject and domain knowledge of the applicant in relationship to your ideal job requirements and minimum job requirements.