Executive Search Service

In executive search service the client(s) enter into a conditional agreement with Actuarial Placement. The client will provide to Actuarial Placement information pertaining to its open actuarial position(s) including, particulars such as position levels, titles, compensation figures and geographic parameters. Actuarial Placement will in turn, provide the client with its recruiting services. A fee will be paid to Actuarial Placement only when the client hires a candidate presented by Actuarial Placement.

In executive search, the client provides no fixed financial incentive to Actuarial Placement & Actuarial Placement provides no guarantee in regard to time committed to the search, or number of candidates contacted. The amount of candidates that a client will see from us is dependent on any number of market factors. These market factors can vary: from the geographic location of the position to the demand for actuaries at the time of the search to the pool of available or active candidates who specifically meet the client's requirements. It is, of course, in Actuarial Placement's best interest to satisfy the hiring needs of every client, and it is our intention to do so.

It is a conditional agreement in which any payment to Actuarial Placement is contingent upon the successful placement of a candidate in the position(s). In executive search we offer a rebate period, during which if a candidate placed by Actuarial Placement resigns from his/her position within the rebate period, we return the fee paid by the client to Actuarial Placement in lieu of that candidate. All of the financial risk is, therefore, of Actuarial Placement.