About Us

Actuarial Placement is a subsidiary of Future Track Edutech Private Limited. It is an extension of Future Track’s efforts to better serve the actuarial profession and offers pre hire assessment, recruitment and training services to its clients. Whether you are an experienced Actuary looking for a new vacancy or an Actuarial Trainee seeking their first career, we are confident we will have the actuarial vacancies to suit you. If you are an employer, Actuarial Placement provides you with effective and precise representation and delivers focused solutions to your recruitment and training needs. Contact us now to discuss how we can help you. 

The mission of Actuarial Placement is to be the premier executive recruitment selection and training firm specializing in the placement and training of actuaries; to be recognized for the service, integrity and forthrightness that the firm brings to each and every business relationship; and to be willing at all times to sacrifice short-term gain for the long-term good and prosperity of our clients, our candidates and, as a result, our organization as well.

Our educated, knowledgeable and highly-trained staff will always exhibit business ethics, integrity, empathy and strong listening skills to help you reach your business goals.
We are consultants in the real business sense. Market intelligence and corporate insight guide what we do and how we work. We chose to have a detailed discussion with the applicants to better understand their career goals and provide them with matching opportunities. On any given assignment we insist on sitting down with the client to ascertain the business, cultural and recruitment drivers, as well as scope out the skills needed. We do not rush in to satisfy a demand but tend to take a step back to get a macro picture of the business and the talent requirement. Invariably that leads to greater success and more immediate hiring.

We take a personal and open approach. We work in a people industry; and work closely with our candidates and clients, making sure reporting and feedback is completely transparent. We enjoy the advantages of a huge database of actuarial professionals. Our company has been proving education services to aspiring and existing actuaries across India since 2006. Our students are working across various levels and functions in the actuarial industry. Our corporate training programs have also provided us the opportunity to interact with actuarial professionals on a regular basis. Our networking efforts have helped us to keep our growing database updated.

We are not too big. We retain the intimacy of a small firm despite our coverage. We are careful to effectively provide the right resources to each assignment and to eradicate conflicts of interest by respecting hands-off agreements. By taking a qualitative approach to work, we are able to satisfy the demands of clients and candidates alike, and help find and upskill the right talent for businesses.